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Introduction to Settings4Net


  1. Download the latest Settings4Net library as a binary (Settings4Net.dll) or a class source code (Settings4Net.cs)
  2. Insert Settings4Net to your solution.
    • Copy Settings4Net.dll file to your application’s output directory (or alternatively set appropriate paths).
    • Add a Reference to Settings4Net.dll file.
  3. Settings4Net uses RamGecTools namespace (since it is part of RamGecTools suite (

Basic Usage

  • Creating a new Settings4Net object:
// create your settings object
RamGecTools.Settings4Net MySettings = new RamGecTools.Settings4Net(); 
  • Add your settings:
MySettings["My String"] = "I'm using Settings4Net!";
MySettings["My Favorite Color"] = Color.FromArgb(128, 64, 198);
  • Retrieve your settings:
string str = MySettings["My String"].ToString();

// or use advanced functions:
Color color = (Color)MySettings.GetItemOrDefaultValue("My Favorite Color", Color.Thistle);

// will return a Color.Red, since "Item Doesn't Exist!" setting value wasn't created yet
Color color2 = (Color)MySettings.GetItemOrDefaultValue("Item Doesn't exist!", Color.Red);
  • Assign to PropertyGrid:
yourPropertyGrid.SelectedObject = MySettings.GeneratePropertyGridObject();
  • File Operations
// open
MySettings.Open("settings.xml"); // loads settings.xml file
MySettings.Open("settings.xml", true); // loads a file and checks if it was modified manually (returns false if so)
MySettings.Open("settings.xml", false, true); // last value indicates that Settings should be appended instead of overwritten (allowing you to combine settings from numerous files)

// save
MySettings.TrackModificationTimes = true; // set to true if you want to track date/time of last modification (default: false)
MySettings.Save("settings.xml"); // save to settings.xml

Advanced Functionality

Refer to Settings4Net Members documentation for more details.

Need Help? Support? Or you just need to leave some feedback.

Feel free to contact me.

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tommix May 27, 2013 at 2:03 PM 
Your example is bad, you forgot to add Settings it should be like this: "MySettings.Settings["My String"]" not just MySettings["My String"] :)

tommix May 26, 2013 at 9:26 PM 
Beje, gal yra bet kadangi negaliu ismeginti - ar yra galimybe setinga vadinti vienaip - pvz AllowDelete bet end useriui propertyGrid'e rodyti mano norima teksta pvz: "Leisti failo trinima" vietoj to, kad rodytu AllowDelete.

Tai gan naudinga programose keliom kalbom.

tommix May 26, 2013 at 9:22 PM 
Sveikas, dekui uz gera dalyka, bet zinok kazko neveikia. Kaip ir helpas - atidarus faila ten raso, kad reikia adresa nurodyti.

Kas liecia klaida su paciu lib'u tai gaunu: "Error 2 Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'RamGecTools.Settings4Net'"

Klaida butent cia: MySettings["My String"] tipo nepriema jis jokiu ten ["My string"].

Naudoju tiesiog tavo pvz. ir klases source isitraukiau i using'us o ne dll'a