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Project Description

Settings4Net - is the last Settings/Configurations management library you will ever need for your .NET applications. Think of it as a standard .NET Properties.Settings "on steroids".

Quick Summary

Beyond the basic functionality of storing/retrieving your program or/and custom user settings, Settings4Net in addition allows you:
  • Load and save your settings to as many XML files files as you wish (allows an easy manual modifications).
  • Reset all as well as individual setting value to default one.
  • Prevent manual modifications of settings files.
  • Generate fully functional PropertyGrid object allowing easy and powerful way for user to change your program's settings.
  • Mark properties as read only, hide them from users and track their last modification date/time.
  • Group your settings in categories, add description, custom tags, default value. Set allowed minimum and/or maximum values.
  • Extends Collections.Hashtable class, allowing you to quickly manipulate your settings and use it as a native .NET Settings extension. (Simply type Settings["New Settings"] = MyValue;" and it's done)
  • Extended native support for the following object types:
    • Integer
    • Boolean
    • Double
    • String
    • Color
    • DateTime
    • Font
      • Therefore, for example, you can simply set minimum/maximum values of allowed dates, store your custom Fonts or Colors without any need to serialize or cast them.
  • Easy (includes usage examples, full documentation, and help files). Powerful (additional functions helps you achieve your goals in the most intuitive ways). Open Source (released under MIT license).


Quick Start Guide

Add reference to "Settings4Net.dll" file and include it in your solution.
Settings4Net is part of RamGecTools suite and uses this namespace.
Basic usage example:
// create your settings object
RamGecTools.Settings4Net MySettings = new RamGecTools.Settings4Net();

// add your settings
MySettings["My String"] = "I'm using Settings4Net!";
MySettings["My Favorite Color"] = Color.FromArgb(128, 64, 198);

// retrieve your settings
string str = (string)MySettings["My String"];
Color color = (Color)MySettings.GetItemOrDefaultValue("My Favorite Color", Color.Thistle);

// display your settings in PropertyGrid
PropertyGrid propertyGrid = new PropertyGrid();
propertyGrid.SelectedObject = MySettings.GeneratePropertyGridObject();

// save

Those are just basic functions of Settings4Net library. Please refer to documentation and provided examples for advanced features.

2011. Ramunas Geciauskas.

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